Water Softeners in Shelby County, OH

water softenterFor many rural residents who depend on well water, mineral deposits can cause a substantial headache. If the water supply feeding your home or business is rich in minerals, it can cause damage to delicate surfaces, such as clothing, and result in skin damage and other adverse health effects following long-term exposure.

Fogt Water Conditioning is the best provider of water softener systems in Shelby County, OH. If you are wondering what type of water conditioning system is best for your space, our well-versed associates can easily assist you.

Types of Water Softener Services

As the region’s premier provider of water softener services, we offer a myriad of options to meet all of your hard water conditioning needs:

Water softener sales and rentals

Fogt Water Conditioning sells new water softener systems. If you are not ready to purchase a new softener for your home or business, we offer a range of rental services to meet nearly every possible need.

Installation services

We can install new water softeners to both newly constructed buildings as well as existing homes and businesses. Our team can work with both modern and legacy piping networks.

Repair and maintenance

Our associates are able to provide a range of repair and preventative maintenance options to both new and old water softeners in Shelby County, OH.

Extensive warranties

We offer a five-year warranty on all parts that we install, a lifetime warranty on the water softener’s mineral and brine tank AND a five-year guarantee on all labor.

We are proud to sell Clack Water Softener Conditioning Systems, a brand known for its high-quality and domestic production. It’s the perfect solution for both commercial and residential water softeners in Shelby County, OH.

Purchase a New Water Softener

Is your home or commercial space suffering from hard water? Contact one of our knowledgeable team members today to learn how we can help you make the most of your existing water supply! Call us today at 937-394-2221 to set up a consultation.