Water Purification Systems in Anna, OH

Water Purification SystemsSome water sources have high amounts of one specific contaminant or element that mandates special levels of attention. In addition to a water softener or reverse osmosis system or salt delivery, your home or business may be in need of a water purification system.

Sulfur and iron are two common contaminants that may require additional filtration. If your water source has above-average concentration of these elements, Fogt Water Conditioning provides the water filtration system services you need to make your water safe and tasty to drink! Our company offers several water purification systems in Anna, Botkins, Sidney, and Shelby County, OH.

Additional Water Purification

Water with high iron or sulfur content can cause health problems, damage skin and result in staining on a wide range of surfaces. We provide installation, rentals, sales and repairs of air induction filters that remove high levels of iron and sulfur. Here are just some of the benefits of installing an air induction filters at your home or business:

Stops staining

Iron deposits left by overly hard water can cause oxidization and staining on a wide range of surfaces, including tile, porcelain and stone countertops. You can protect your home’s value by installing an iron water filter in Anna, OH.

Removes bad odors

Does your water smell like rotten eggs? You could have a sulfur problem. Sulfur deposits can make your water stink and taste undesirable. A sulfur water filter in Anna, OH is the best way to make the most of your existing water supply.

Protects your pipes

Sulfuric water can cause black oxidation, resulting in permanent damage to your pipes. Additionally, iron deposits can oxidize quickly, resulting in significant pipe and fixture damage. An air induction filter can prevent these problems.

Eliminates the need for harsh chemicals

If your water is overly sulfuric, it may need to be treated with harsh chemicals to be safe for consumption. If you would like to avoid the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals, you should install an air induction water filtration system.

We use Smart Choice chemical-free air induction filters from Aqua Systems for all of your water purification needs. This dependable brand of iron water filters and sulfur water filters is the best way to ensure that your water supply is safe from undesirable chemical concentrations.

Installing a Water Purification Filter

If you believe that your home is in need of water purification systems, contact us today at 937-394-2221. We can assist you in determining the best way to move forward with your particular circumstances!