Salt Delivery in Shelby County, OH

dura-cubeWater softeners rely on a propriety blend of salts to strip your water of its harmful minerals and chemicals, and make it easier on clothing, skin and other surfaces. Using the best quality salts available will extend the lifespan of both your water softener as well as your home’s pipes and fixtures.

Fogt Water Conditioning sells the best water softener salt in Shelby County, OH. If your system is in need of replenishment or replacement, our knowledgeable specialists can help you obtain a formula that suits the needs of your water source and your water softener.

Buying the Best Salts

As the premier water purification company in Shelby County, OH, we offer salt sale and delivery options, including:

We are known for providing a great value as well as great service when it comes to selling water conditioner supplies in Shelby County, OH. That’s why we offer a sales special: if you purchase nine bags of water softener salt at one time, you will receive a 10th bag for free!

Ordering a Salt Delivery

Does your water filter need its salt to be replaced or replenished? Call us today at (937) 394-2221 to learn more about scheduling a delivery or pick up!