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Did You Know? Hard Water Can Affect Your Skin and Hair

March 5, 2018 6:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

You likely already know that hard water can have a harmful effect on the plumbing and water systems in your home. The mineral deposits found in hard water can build up over time, causing blockages or corrosion and leading to a decrease in water quality. It can also make it harder to get completely clean glassware or laundry. This is one of the most common reasons people purchase water softeners in Shelby County, OH. But did you also know that hard water can have a negative effect on your skin and hair? It’s true—long-term exposure to hard water can cause... View Article

The Benefits of Drinking Water

February 21, 2018 5:01 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A few of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle are a balanced diet, regular exercise and sufficient water consumption. A significant portion of the human body is made up of water, so it’s no wonder that drinking enough water is so important for our overall health and wellbeing. Not drinking enough water can lead to many undesirable side effects, including headaches, blemishes and skin imperfections, digestive irregularity, joint pain and more. Getting enough water on a daily basis can make a huge difference when it comes to your health and the way that you feel during various activities.... View Article

How to Improve the Taste of Your Drinking Water

February 7, 2018 5:01 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Everyone knows how important drinking enough water is to your health, but most people simply don’t drink enough water. It can be easy to forget about drinking water throughout the day, especially since water doesn’t always have an appealing taste. Water tastes like nothing at best, and has distinct and unappealing mineral flavors at worst. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through the bland (or bad) taste of water all day. There are several simple things that you can do to boost the flavor of your water exponentially. This allows you to increase your enjoyment of drinking water, and the... View Article

Understanding Hard vs. Soft Water

January 19, 2018 6:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It may seem that water is water, and it maintains basically the same chemical composition no matter where you go. This idea couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are a number of different kinds of dissolved solids and organic compounds present in different water sources that drastically change the characteristics of the liquids we use for drinking, bathing and dishwashing. Understanding the differences in water quality can help you determine the best filtration and conditioning strategy that you implement at your home or place of business. Hard water is H2O that includes a number of dissolved solids, like calcium... View Article

How Does a Reverse Osmosis System Work?

January 5, 2018 6:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There are many methods used to purify inadequate or overly hard water sources, all of which conclude with varying degrees of success. The most surefire way to purify even the most challenging water source, however, is to invest in a reverse osmosis water system in Shelby County, OH. Reverse osmosis is one of the most technologically advanced water filtration methods available, yet it relies on a minimal amount of component pieces. It yields incredible results that end in pure, tasty and drinkable water from nearly any source. At its most basic level, reverse osmosis filtration forces impure water through a... View Article