Why You Should Upgrade Your Water Softener System

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Water softeners are the true unsung heroes when it comes to home appliances. They work quietly without requiring too much maintenance—all you need to do is supply the salt and they’re generally good to go!

If you’ve noticed a change in the performance of your softener, or if you simply want to make green choices for your home, upgrading this useful appliance is a smart idea. Here’s why you should invest in a new water softener for your property.

Reduce your water and salt consumption

Increased efficiency is one of the key benefits to upgrading the water softener system at your home. New technology has come a long way in just the past few years, making nearly-new softeners almost obsolete in terms of efficiency.

Today’s water softener systems are equipped with innovative technologies that monitor your household’s water usage and adjust cycle times accordingly. That means the machine will only process the amount of salt and water that’s absolutely necessary for your needs. Not only will you save money by reducing your water and salt consumption, but you’ll also save energy. It’s simply a green choice that’s good for the environment.

Improve performance of other household appliances

Any appliance in your home that uses water, including the dishwasher and washing machine, will perform much better with soft water. In the case of dishwashers, soft water helps get dishes sparkling clean, whereas hard water leaves an unpleasant film or residue on glasses, plates and silverware. Soft water also is better for washing clothes, preserving colors and providing more washing power that allows you to use less detergent for every load.

Soft water prolongs the life of these expensive appliances—they’ll need to be replaced much less often, resulting in hefty savings for your household.

Add convenience with wireless notifications

When you invest in a modern water softener system for your property, you can add another layer of convenience to your life with wireless notifications. Alerts can be sent directly to your phone or other mobile device, reminding you when the salt needs to be refilled or notifying you when service or maintenance is needed. You’ll have valuable insights and customizable controls all at the touch of a button.

Stay on top of contamination concerns

In-home water treatment gives families greater peace of mind that the water coming from their taps is completely safe for drinking, cooking, bathing and any other use. Rural residents rely on high-quality water treatment systems to ensure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful substances are removed from their well water. Upgrading to a new water softener can be done in tandem with reverse osmosis system installation, and they can be programmed to give you complete control over the quality of your water.

A modern water softener system, installed by local water treatment professionals, will improve your everyday convenience and comfort. Contact the experts at Fogt Water Conditioning to learn more about the latest innovative water softener technologies and about the benefits of upgrading your system.

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