The Importance of Changing Your Water Purification Filter

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We all know the importance of water. In addition to making up 60 percent of our bodies, it essentially helps keep us alive. It’s important to know that all water isn’t safe to drink, though. Water can be full of bacteria, toxins and other impurities that can make the drinker ill.

The best way to ensure the tap water in your home is safe to consume is by installing a water filtration system and changing the filters regularly. Continue reading to learn a bit more about water purification filters and the importance of changing your water filter in Shelby County, OH.

What are the advantages of a water purification system?

Before we dig too deeply into why you need to change the filters, we should start with why you should install a purification system. In addition to blocking any harmful contaminants, a filter system eliminates stain-causing iron particles, removes bad odors and protects your pipes.

Why do I need to change the filters?

You can think of purification system filters like a sponge. As water passes through, the filter cartridge absorbs any contaminants that would otherwise flow out of your faucet. Just like a sponge, the filter gets dirty after a while and doesn’t work as well. As the filter continues to get clogged up by bacteria, iron, lead, pesticides and other contaminants, the filter ceases to do its job.

How often should I change the filters?

Hopefully, you now understand the importance of changing your water filter in Shelby County, OH—but we haven’t covered how frequently that filter needs to be swapped out! Here are a few things to consider:

  • Manufacturer: There are many different filter manufacturers out there. Each filter manufacturer has a recommended time frame for changing the filter. Though your timetable may vary based on the points below, the manufacturer’s recommendation is a good starting point.
  • Filter size: Generally speaking, the larger the filter, the longer it can last without needing to be swapped out. That said, don’t just purchase the biggest filter on the market. If the filter doesn’t fit your particular system, your water won’t be filtered at all.
  • Water usage: The more water that passes through the filter, the more contaminants it catches. Consequently, the filter needs to be changed more frequently.  Larger households typically need to swap their filters out more often, but they also use bigger filters.
  • Water taste: The final thing you may notice when it’s time for a new filter is a change in your water’s taste. If the water tastes a little “off” or has a strange odor or appearance, the filter is likely full—meaning, all of those contaminants are making their way to your water.

Is it time to install a water purification system?

If your home or business doesn’t already have one, now is a great time to install a water purification filter. Contact Fogt Water Conditioning today to learn more about the importance of changing your water filter in Shelby County, OH or to get a quote for a purification system.

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