Why Drinking Water Is Great for Your Skin

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There’s a good chance you’re not drinking enough water. Our bodies display obvious signs of dehydration, yet many choose to ignore them, instead opting for moisturizers and anti-aging cream. Thankfully, the solution to dry skin is a lot simpler than a trip to your local Shelby County, OH drugstore. After learning about the benefits of drinking water, you’ll want to up your intake right away.

Clear acne breakouts

Acne occurs when a disproportionately large amount of natural oils sit on the skin’s surface. Oil clogs the pores on your face and causes breakouts. Drinking enough water each day keeps the oil levels under control by balancing them with sufficient hydration. Rather than covering up acne with beauty products, stop breakouts in their tracks with a few glasses of water.

Consumers in Shelby County, OH spend the big bucks on eye cream in the hopes of soothing puffy skin. However, the best way to calm those under-eye bags is from the inside out. Puffiness is a sign of dehydration because the skin is trying to retain what little moisture it has left. A simple fix to puffy skin is making sure you drink enough water.

Restore elasticity

Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. You should only become concerned when fine lines show up prematurely due to dryness and prolonged exposure to the sun. While you can’t reverse the effects of old age, what you can do is restore some of your skin’s elasticity by drinking water.

Some people frequently have saggy skin after completing an extreme weight loss journey. Again, this is a natural reaction for your body. You can speed up the recovery process by drinking lots of fresh water. Elasticity will tighten up loose skin and help you achieve the body image you’ve worked so hard for.

Minimize skin damage

The benefits of drinking water are good for more than cosmetic purposes. Properly hydrated skin heals much faster from a sunburn compared to people who don’t drink enough water on a regular basis. Sunburn leads to dry, itchy skin, and the best remedy for those symptoms is water. However, drinking a single glass of water won’t make sunburn go away. Skin must be hydrated at all times so it’s prepared to heal itself when sunburn catches you off guard.

Eliminate dry patches

The cold winters of Shelby County, OH bring with them patches of flaky skin. Many people swear by intensive moisturizers that pale in comparison to the benefits of drinking water. Body lotions revitalize skin in the short term, but are really just putting a bandage on the problem. Skin cells are comprised of water, so drinking more of it will help the most. The level of hydration your skin craves can only be delivered from the inside of your body.

Healthy skin isn’t just about how much water you drink. The quality of that water plays an important role, too. That’s why Fogt Water Conditioning strives to equip every home in Shelby County, OH with water softeners and purification systems. We install only the latest technology so your family can enjoy the best water possible. Reach out to learn more.

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