The Importance of Changing Your Reverse Osmosis Filter

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Reverse osmosis system maintenance is essential to keep your system running at its highest level. Reverse osmosis systems provide you with a consistent supply of high-quality drinking water when they’re operating well. Maintenance of these systems is intended to remove dissolved solids that can harm the quality of the water.

For most systems, it’s ideal to replace the filter once every year. This ensures that the whole reverse osmosis system continues operating at peak performance and eliminates clogging. Let’s take a look at leading tips on when and how to change your reverse osmosis filter in Shelby County, OH.

Changing the filters and membranes

Every kind of reverse osmosis system requires the occasional filter change. For reverse osmosis filters, prefilters need to be changed once every six months to one year, and postfilters need to be changed once a year. For reverse osmosis membranes, those with hard water need to be changed once every two to four years. Those with soft water only need to be changed once every five to seven years.

It’s important to regularly replace the carbon prefilter. This is because you don’t want chlorine coming into contact with the membrane. Chlorine is liable to destroy the membrane, meaning you’ll have to buy a new membrane quickly. How often you need to replace the chlorine prefilter is determined by the level of chlorine in the water.

The postfilter cleans the water from the tank to the faucet, and can be replaced annually. The membrane acts as the center of the reverse osmosis system, and the filters protect the membrane. If you want to check if the membrane is working properly, you may want to get a total dissolved solids (TDS) meter to do so.

Draining the storage tank

Another regular maintenance item is draining the reverse osmosis storage tank, which should be done once every two weeks. This is because when you use the system, it only replaces the amount of water you used, meaning the water at the bottom can end up staying there for a long time. Drain the tank regularly to ensure you’re always getting high-quality water.


When you’re changing the reverse osmosis membrane, it’s a good idea to sanitize the tank as well. The fact is that the tank will grow slime over time. Sanitization rids the tank of this and ensures you always have great water.

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