The Benefits of Fresh Water in Your Home

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Hard water takes a toll on our bodies without us even realizing it. Not only that, household appliances break down way before their expected lifespans because mineral deposits build up on their internal components. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of fresh water in your home and why everyone in Shelby County, OH should hire a professional to install a water softener.

Prevent deadly illnesses

Many residents of Shelby County, OH are so concerned about drinking enough water that they don’t stop to think about water quality, too. Drinking eight glasses of water per day does little to improve your overall health when that water is filled with toxins and harmful bacteria. For example, high concentration of lead in drinking water is dangerous, especially for families with children, because it stunts their development and may even cause learning disabilities.

There are too many viruses lurking in hard water to list them all. One of the most common is Cryptosporidium, which causes diarrhea that may become fatal. The norovirus also leads to diarrhea, along with other symptoms like vomiting, fever and muscle aches. Installing a water softener will greatly reduce the likelihood of encountering these waterborne illnesses.

Maintain proper fluid levels

Your body requires fresh drinking water in order to maintain a proper balance of bodily fluids. Clean water helps produce saliva, clear out the colon and transport nutrients throughout the body. If you don’t drink enough water, the kidneys retain toxins that are usually expelled through urine. Immediate signs of dehydration include dark or bad-smelling urine, while other symptoms like dry, wrinkled skin appear over a long period of time.

It was originally stated that eight glasses of water per day was required for maintaining fluid levels. However, that number could be more or less than what you actually need, depending on your physical activity. People who regularly exercise will need more water than those who don’t in order to replenish the fluids they lost. Even people with a more sedentary lifestyle need to drink enough water so their bodily functions are operating like normal.

Extend appliance lifespans

The benefits of fresh water in your home go beyond physical health. A water softener will extend the lifespan of household appliances, too. One study discovered that washers operating with clean water accrued almost zero scale buildup, while those running on hard water needed extensive scale removal. Further research has proven that hard water nearly halved the efficiency of water heaters, while severely reducing the flow through faucets.

Homeowners living in Shelby County, OH should seriously consider installing a water softener because fresh water saves money on energy bills, too. Clothes and dishes in cold temperatures wash just as well, if not better than the hot temperatures required for hard water. Washing with cold water in turn puts less stress on your water heater.

Water softeners are a one-time investment that continue to protect the health of your family. When you’re ready to make the switch, contact the professionals at Fogt Water Conditioning. You’ll get to experience the benefits of fresh water in your home with a water softener installation from our team of experts.

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