Five Fun Facts About Water Conditioning

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Water conditioning is the process of removing hard elements from water. The results solve plumbing and health issues, and many homeowners in Shelby County, OH find several hard facts about water conditioning convincing. If you wish to purchase one of our systems but have not decided for sure, here are five facts about water conditioning that may encourage you to make that investment soon:

  • Easier on appliances: Hard water minerals cause a condition known as scaling. Scaling refers to minerals building up on plumbing and other fixtures that use water connections. There is no way to reduce scaling except through water conditioning. If you do not purchase a water conditioner, scaling builds up to a point where it starts to break down pipes. It also damages dishwashers and washing machines, shortening their lifespans. If you want to save money on frequent appliance replacements, a water conditioner is a good investment.
  • Improved hair and skin condition: Hard water is especially rough on dry skin conditions like eczema. The same minerals that scale plumbing fixtures also deposit on your skin, causing irritation. Hard water dries out your hair more quickly, and many households find they go through shampoo, conditioner and soap faster with hard water. When you condition water, it is easier on your skin and hair. You do not need as many products, and the ones you use do not run out as quickly. Many people find their skin problems resolve or at least become more manageable after installing a water conditioner.
  • Variety of sizes: Many homeowners hesitate to purchase a water conditioner because they worry about space. However, you never have to let this element impact your decision. Water conditioners come in many sizes, from compact options to systems that take up half of your utility closet. Let our sales representatives know that you face space limitations, and we will find a system that works for your home.
  • Safe for septic systems: The most popular water conditioners use salt to soften water. It passes the water through the salt to soften it and creates “salty backwash.” This process concerns homeowners who use septic systems. Fortunately, the backwash does not affect the regeneration of septic bacteria. If you are concerned about this, set up separate drywell or route the backwash to go straight to the drain field.
  • Easily maintained: You just need to keep the conditioner supplied with salt. The required amount depends on the contaminants in your water and your household water consumption. Ask a water treatment specialist to test your water and calculate the amount of salt needed and how often you must top it off. Once you know, check the salt level once a month to make sure it is sufficient. If you would prefer to delegate this task to a water treatment company, you only need to ask us!

Fogt Water Conditioning offers water conditioning and purification throughout Shelby County, OH. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of several hard facts about water conditioning, call or visit us today to see your options.

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