Easy-to-Follow Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Water Filtration System

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Water filtration systems are the best way to get fresh, clean and great-tasting water—but if you’re not carefully maintaining your filtration system, you probably aren’t getting the most out of it. Scheduling regular DIY maintenance is the best way to keep your system running well and producing the best water possible. Not only will your water taste great, but it will also keep your system running longer.

Here’s an easy guide to home water filtration system maintenance in Shelby County, OH.

Make regular cleaning a priority

Most water filtration systems need regular cleaning to remove dirt, mineral buildup or contaminants in the filter and on the walls of the tank. Every week (or according to the manufacturer’s directions), clean your tank and filter with a gentle, non-toxic cleaner. Rinse with warm water. The key is to sanitize all the filtration components, including the filter, tank, dispenser, line and cap.

Make sure to avoid harsh chemicals, as any amount left in the system will make its way into your drinking water, and could harm your health.

Depending on what kind of water filter you use, you may notice a salt buildup in the system. Sometimes, this creates a blockage. To clean this, turn off the filtration device and remove as much salt as possible. If there’s still a blockage, you can use hot water to safely dissolve it.

As you clean your system weekly, keep an eye on the filter. When you notice buildup, it’s time to clean or replace it.

Change the filter cartridges regularly

Many modern filtration systems have a way to indicate when the filter cartridge needs to be changed, whether that’s a blinking light or another type of notification. Don’t ignore this. If you wait too long to change the filter cartridge, your filter may become blocked.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to determine when your cartridge should be replaced. This is often measured in both time and gallons. When you clean your system and replace the cartridge, write down the date you last replaced it. This will help you keep track of the timing, so you’re never faced with an unpleasant lack of filtered water right when you need it.

Finally, you should always check the condition of your system’s O-rings when changing the filter. If they’re in good shape, leave them alone, but if they need to be replaced, do so right away. This will help prevent leaks and other issues.

Replace when necessary

Eventually, your filtration system will reach the end of its usable lifespan, and even regular cleaning won’t help. It’s important to remember which year you installed the system, as well as keeping detailed maintenance and repair logs. That will help you determine whether it’s time to say goodbye, or if you may be able to get another year or two out of your system. When it’s time to replace it, work with a reputable dealer.

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