What Sulfur Does to Your Water

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Whether you realize it or not, the water in your home is one of the most important factors that impacts your family’s health and wellbeing. When contaminants find their way into the water you use to cook, drink and bathe in, suddenly that water could pose harm to your whole family. One of the most dangerous elements that can invade your drinking water is sulfur. This distinctive mineral can lead to several adverse effects.

If you haven’t considered focusing on sulfur removal in your water filtration in Shelby County, OH, then you should educate yourself to the threat it presents.

Bacterial waste

Sulfur occurs naturally in the earth. When water seeps into the soil around your home, it dissolves the sulfide ore in the ground and sweeps the resulting sulfur into your home’s drinking water. Before it gets there, sulfur will likely be intercepted by bacteria (which love to snack on it). Once they’ve had their fill and digested this sulfur, the bacteria pass the sulfur as hydrogen sulfur gas. In short, when you’ve got an excess of sulfur in your water, you’re essentially drinking and cooking with bacterial wastewater.

It stinks

The telltale sign of sulfur in your water is easy to spot. It smells of rotten eggs, an odor that absolutely no one finds delightful. That rotten egg smell won’t stay confined to your water, either. It will drift from your drains and faucets and cling to surfaces like curtains, furniture and more. It won’t be long before that awful stench spreads throughout your home.

Plumbing problems

One crucial reason to consider sulfur removal using water filtration in Shelby County, OH, is the amount of money you could save by doing so. The bacteria that create sulfur can also have a corrosive impact on your pipes and faucets if left unchecked. That could lead to increased wear and tear on your overall plumbing system, which in turn will require expensive repairs to fix.

Health impacts

When a little sulfur finds its way into your water supply, that can be a benefit to your overall health. Too much, however, can have a negative impact on your body, leading to constant diarrhea, dehydration, lightheadedness, nausea and disorientation. If you’ve reached the point where you can smell the sulfur in your water, then you’ve also reached the point where it could cause you severe distress.

Your water conditioning team

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