How Many Water Filters Does Your House Need?

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When your family gets sick with stomach issues, you likely blame it on a stomach bug or the food itself, and not much more. When a film forms over your faucets or white corrosion develops, you assume the fixtures are aging. What you may not realize is that the water pouring from your home’s faucets may be doing damage you never thought possible. If you haven’t considered investing in home water filters in Shelby County, OH, then now is the time.

Does my house need a water filter?

Here are some warning signs that you should consider installing a home water filtration system:

  • Bad-tasting water: One of the most common warning signs that something is wrong with your water is a bad taste or aftertaste.
  • Your home is older: Homes built before 1986 tended to use lead pipes in their plumbing. Over time, the lead can seep into your water supply, creating severe issues.
  • You rely on a well: When you’re pumping your water directly from the ground, the smart choice is to play it safe and add a filtration system.
  • Dingy clothing: If you wash your clothes and they come out looking dingy or faded, you might have hard water that could benefit from a filter.

Those are some of the warning signs that you require a home water filtration system in Shelby County, OH. Of course, once you determine that you require a filtration system, you may be curious about how many water filters you’ll need for your home.

Start with a whole-house filter

You might think you’re safe if you’re filtering your drinking and cooking water, but you may still be at risk. Consider this: when you take a hot shower, it’s often hot enough to dissolve the toxins in your water. As they dissolve, though, you naturally inhale those harmful materials. Ensuring you have a layer of protection over all of the water you use can improve your family’s overall wellbeing.

Add a drinking filter

Once your whole-house filter is set up, you should turn your attention to your drinking water. By adding a specific filter to your drinking water, you can ensure that any remaining minerals not stripped away during the initial filtration are stopped before the water hits your glass.

Let us help

If you have questions about home water filters in Shelby County, OH, you can count on the experienced, insightful team at Fogt Water Conditioning to provide the education you need. Since we opened our doors in 1959, Fogt Water Conditioning has worked tirelessly to help our community members drink healthier, better-tasting water.

We’re happy to offer service, installation and repair of reverse osmosis systems, water purification systems and water softeners, plus provide all the supplies and accessories you’ll need to protect your home’s water. You deserve to be drinking the best water possible, regardless of where you live. You can make it happen with a little help from Fogt Water Conditioning. Pick up the phone today to find out more about the benefits of a water filtration system.

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