What You Should Know About Whole House Water Filtration Systems

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A whole house water filtration system is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a system that filters water for the entire house rather than a single tap or appliance. There are many different kinds of whole house water filtration systems in Shelby County, OH, but they all provide the same benefit of cleaning and filtering the water as it enters your home, rather than at the point where it leaves the tap.

If you use a well to supply your water, a filtration system could be extremely sophisticated and elaborate, featuring a variety of different stages of filtration. Usually, whole house filters for wells will have a mechanical sediment filter, a water softener and an ultraviolet system. This would result in softening the water, removing debris and disinfecting it to remove bacteria and viruses.

If you’re on the municipal water supply, you might not need to do quite as much filtration at the home level. Simply removing sediment from the water and a few chemicals may be enough to get the results you need, as a lot of water treatment will be done at the municipal level.

But in general, you can expect a whole house water filtration system to filter out all contaminants you do not want in your household water supply, including iron, scale, chlorine and more. The kind of system you purchase will depend primarily on the quality of the water in your area.

Using a whole house filtration system

The question many people have is whether they should go with a whole house filtration system, or simply use filters for the taps and appliances they use the most. This really varies based on your own needs and the quality of the water you have coming into your home.

Your main consideration should be what is causing any problems you’re experiencing with your water. If you have a lot of water hardness, this is going to be a problem that affects all of your fixtures, so you should use a whole house water softener. If you have a lot of other minerals coming from a well, you’ll need a whole house system to remove those minerals. However, if you don’t have issues with water hardness and just have strange water tastes, you might be able to get away with just using a filter at the sink you most frequently use for drinking water.

The advantages of going with a whole house system are significant. You can eliminate some of the foul smells and odors that might be present in your water. By removing hardness from your entire water supply, you’ll be able to avoid issues with scale building up in fixtures, in shower heads and on curtains, and avoid problems with discoloration or fading of your clothes after they go through the laundry machine. You’ll be able to remove certain chemicals that might have an effect on your hair or skin.

Ultimately, your choice of water filtration system must take your home’s circumstances into account. Contact Fogt Water Conditioning, an experienced water purification and filtration company in Shelby County, OH, for more information.

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