Tips to Help You Improve Bad-Tasting Tap Water

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One of the most common issues people report with their tap water is a foul or “off” taste or odor. Considering how much we use tap water for drinking, cooking and brushing our teeth, it’s a good idea to take the proper steps to eliminate the causes of bad-tasting tap water in Shelby County, OH so we can better enjoy our water.

There are many different flavors or aftertastes you might experience in your tap water, each of which has its own unique causes. The best way to make your tap water taste better is to install filters or purifiers that will remove contaminants and elements that are likely to be the root cause of those tastes.

Here are a few examples of some common filters and purifiers you might consider using in your home, depending on the issue you’re dealing with:

  • Carbon water filters: Activated carbon filters make use of carbon that was “activated” to create a larger surface area. As water flows over the activated carbon bed, tiny pores allow for the absorption of chemicals and contaminants in the water. Carbon filters are good for removing some of the larger contaminants, but might not be as effective at removing inorganic materials like heavy metals and minerals, as well as smaller microorganisms. You’ll often find carbon water filters in water pitchers or as sink attachments. They are simple and inexpensive.
  • Reverse osmosis systems: Reverse osmosis filters send water through multiple states of processing to get rid of dissolved solids. Water gets pushed through a semipermeable membrane, which traps some of those solids. A sediment filter then removes dirt, dust and other particles, while a carbon filter cuts down on chlorine, volatile organic compounds and other contaminants that could be the cause of bad smells or tastes. These are extremely effective systems, and can be used for whole-house filtration.
  • Ultraviolet purifiers: UV purification systems use ultraviolet light to kill off bacteria and viruses in the water supply. However, they do not remove any chemicals or dissolved solids or anything other than viruses and bacteria. For this reason, UV purifiers are best used in conjunction with other filters to give you a larger level of protection.
  • Alkaline filters: This type of filter features electrolytes, which separate alkaline and acidic components found in the water. It adds minerals back into the water, raising its pH level. In some cases, an unusual pH level can be the cause of bad tasting water, so if this is the problem for you, alkaline filters can be quite beneficial.
  • Ultrafiltration systems: These systems push water through a hollow fiber membrane that filters out various microorganisms, including some bacteria, viruses and parasites, while holding on to beneficial minerals that might get removed by a reverse osmosis system.

These are just a few examples of some of the filtration and purification systems that can be excellent solutions to your problem with bad-tasting tap water in Shelby County, OH. For more information about installing water purification and filtration systems, contact Fogt Water Conditioning today.

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