How to Choose the Right Type of Water Softener Salt

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When you rely on a water softener to maintain your water system, it’s important to choose the right salt. The type of salt you use, whether it’s pellets or Dura-Cube salt in Shelby County, OH, has a significant impact on the performance of the softener, the maintenance of the system and the quality of your water.

Types of softener salt

To determine which solution is best for your unit, use the following salt guide. For the best results, consult with a local water softener expert who can make the best recommendations for your specific needs:

  • Evaporated salt pellets: These are the purest form of salts you can use in your system. To create these pellets, all the moisture has been removed from the sodium chloride. These pellets are highly effective for treating hard water and generate less buildup in the system. The downside is the cost—these pellets are typically the most expensive option. However, they can be worth the extra investment for the results they deliver.
  • Solar salt: Also known as sea salt, this product is created naturally from seawater when the sun dries it out. It is over 99 percent pure and is highly soluble. Due to these qualities, solar salt can dissolve quickly and is a good solution for systems that tend to suffer from buildups. It can reduce the required maintenance on your water softener and extend its life. Because it is a natural product, it is also an eco-friendly option.
  • Rock salt: These pebbles are mined underground from salt deposits. They look like small rocks, and they may contain traces of materials other than salt. They are the rawest form of water softener salt. This makes them more affordable, but they may not dissolve well, leading to problems with the water softener and frequent maintenance on the unit.
  • Block salt: This form of salt is less likely to be recommended for water softeners. It comes in the form of a block, as the name suggests. It is highly soluble and nearly 100 percent pure, but the water level in the tank must be carefully monitored to ensure the block remains submerged. Additionally, in some cases, manufacturers use a bonding agent to shape the blocks, which introduces impurities into your system.
  • Dura-Cube salt: Dura-Cube salt in Shelby County, OH contains up to 99.8 percent pure salt and is virtually 100 percent soluble. It is designed to prevent buildup in your system, which helps keep the water softener clean and hassle free. It is also NSF certified and recommended for all water softener types.

Make the right choice

If you’d like to learn more about Dura-Cube salt in Shelby County, OH and other salt options for your system, reach out to the professionals at Fogt Water Conditioning. Established in 1959, we are your premier provider of water conditioning supplies. As a family owned and operated business, we are dedicated to our customers and take pride in our ability to service your individual needs. Call now to speak to a friendly member of our staff.

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