How Filters Prolong the Life of Water Pipes

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Filters are not limited to producing better-tasting drinking water—they can also expand the lifespan of your plumbing. The same buildup that demands constant cleaning of your bathroom fixtures also adheres itself to your pipes. Here are five ways water purification filters in Shelby County, OH can extend the life of your water pipes:

  • Reduce buildup: Mineral buildup appears in water heaters, fixtures and pipes. Eventually, it can start to threaten the structural integrity of your system and require you to replace pipes and appliances. This can become a huge cost, and many people find it is much cheaper to install filters and reduce buildup altogether.
  • Better pumping: Systems that require water pumps are also affected by unfiltered water. When pipes are constricted with minerals, pumps must work harder, and that reduces their lifespan. It also increases your energy costs, since blocked or nearly-blocked pumps require more energy to get water through these clogs. Not only do you enjoy more efficient pump function with water filters, but there is a good chance you will see your utility costs drop as well.
  • Fewer plumber calls: Calling services to your home, especially if it is an emergency, is almost never inexpensive. When you have clogs that cannot be reached with a pipe snake, you have no choice but to call a plumber to dig them out. As the mineral buildup causes issues, you will call a plumber more frequently to clear clogs and eventually replace pipes. Like your energy costs, this is another expense you can avoid if you install water filters.
  • Avoid pipe failure: As we’ve seen so far, nothing beats up pipes more than unfiltered water. Even if you do not face constant buildup and your appliances do not show the signs of malfunction, you are still corroding your pipes from within. It is a matter of “when,” not “if,” when it comes to your pipes ultimately failing. Besides the damage to the pipes, you will likely face water damage where the burst occurred and will need to address that in addition to your plumbing issue. When your pipes experience less wear and tear, they are less likely to fail and ruin your house in the process.
  • Easier to clean: Your pipes will last longer and work better if they stay clean. When you filter your water, chances are you will not need harsh chemicals or a plumber’s intervention to remove clogs or address slow drains. A plumber or pipe snake will suffice in these situations. This reduces the chances of poisoning your pets with drain chemicals and is easier on your municipal and septic systems. As many people wish to move away from chemical solutions, they often invest in water filtration to help that process along.

Water purification filters are an excellent investment in your home or business in Shelby County, OH. If you would like less staining, no bad odors and pipes that work well for the long term, contact Fogt Water Conditioning today to start the installation process.

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