Seven Benefits of Home Water Softeners

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There is definitely a difference between hard and soft water. That is why water softeners have become a popular appliance for homes in Shelby County, OH. Many customers discuss the new advantages they experience after they receive their water softener. Here are seven benefits you can enjoy after purchasing and installing a water softener for your home:

  • Scale reduction: If you top off a humidifier or use a coffee maker, you likely see the white residue that eventually builds up. Removing it often requires repeated scrubbing with vinegar or a product like CLR. This is called scale or lime scale. It is the result of the calcium and magnesium bicarbonate in your hard water. Besides small appliances, you will also see it on utensils, sinks and faucets. Water softeners remove this scale and make cleaning easier.
  • Better plumbing: Hard water also makes clogs occur more frequently. The same minerals that lead to scale also build up in pipes and turn any debris into a clog in the making. When you soften water, these minerals lose their impact, and you will notice fewer plumbing clogs. Any clogs that do develop are easier to remove.
  • Reduced skin and hair dryness: Hard water is tough on skin and hair. Minerals lead to rashes, dryness and frizzy hair. People who are sensitive to them may experience itches and irritation. When you convert your system to softer water, it is easier on your skin and hair and allows both to retain moisture better.
  • Appliances last longer: The mineral deposits you see on silverware and your food storage containers are also building up in dishwashers, water heaters and washing machines. Eventually, performance drops and your appliances start to feel the strain. This eventually reduces their life expectancy, and those who live in areas with hard water often have to replace their appliances more frequently. The purchase of a water softener can change this. Buying that one appliance helps your other ones last longer.
  • Improved flavor: Many people purchase bottled or sparkling water rather than endure the taste of hard water. They describe the taste of hard water as sour and salty, and even complain of bad smells. Water softeners use odorless salts and ion exchange to remove these attributes. The result is fresher and odorless drinking water that everyone can enjoy.
  • Less wear and tear on clothes: Every time you wash your clothes in hard water, the fabric absorbs the minerals. Sometimes, you will see stains, and to make matters worse, it is difficult to produce suds in hard water, so your clothes may never feel quite as clean. Your clothes will also wear out more quickly, either from multiple washings due to stains or mineral absorption. Softening water makes clothes washing easier. You enjoy better suds and cleaner clothes.
  • Improved health: In the long term, the buildup of calcium and magnesium can lead to kidney stones and overgrowth in bone joints. This leads to chronic pain and health conditions no one wishes to endure. Softening water reduces the chances of developing these conditions.

Fogt Water Conditioning wants to make your water better. To learn more about water softeners and purchase one in Shelby County, OH, contact us today to get started.

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