What Does an Iron Filter Do?

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Have you ever turned on the tap to find brown or orange water gushing out? Do you see rusty orange deposits in your sinks and other places where water sits or flows? Does your water supply come from a well? You likely have high iron content in your water, which can be destructive to your fixtures, laundry and pots and pans. It’s also unpleasant to drink, thanks to its metallic taste, and can affect the flavor of your meals.

Iron can be visible in the water (ferric), which indicates the presence of solid minerals in the water. Ferrous iron, meanwhile, is dissolved, so the water appears clear until the iron oxidizes.

Luckily, iron water filters are readily available in Shelby County, OH, and can remove other harmful minerals like manganese and hydrogen sulfide. Here’s an overview of how they work and why you’ll benefit from using one.

How iron water filters work

In order to filter out iron, it needs to be oxidized (ferric) first. Some water conditioning systems inject oxidizing agents, such as air, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide, into the water before it meets the iron water filter. Once the contaminants are oxidized, they clump together and can be filtered out.

The water is forced through a filter at a steady rate; the filter catches the minerals and holds them while the clean water flows through the screen. Finally, the system will perform a “backwash” by forcibly removing mineral sludge from the filters by forcing water back through the filter.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of iron water filters:

  • Removes iron, sulfur and manganese: The biggest benefit of using an iron water filter is that it eliminates contaminants from the water that can cause your pipes and appliances to corrode.
  • Better tasting water: Who wants their water to taste like they’re drinking a liquid penny? When you use an iron filter, your water—and your cooking—will be completely free of unpleasant metallic flavors.
  • No water stains: Rust stains on your sinks, tubs, laundry and dishes are frustrating to deal with, and can even ruin your clothes. Get rid of them by using an iron water filter. You’ll love how much longer your wardrobe, fixtures and appliances last.
  • Removes sediment: In addition to eliminating minerals, your iron filter will also catch any additional sediment that has escaped other filtration or treatment systems.
  • Easy to maintain: You won’t need to spend a lot of extra time and money maintaining your iron filter—just check it twice a year to make sure the backwash function is keeping the filter clean.
  • Chemical free: Best of all, iron water filters are chemical free, ensuring fresh-tasting and safe water.

Find iron water filters in Shelby County, OH

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