What Is a Filter Housing?

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Water sources are different, and many people find that they not only deal with hard water but other elements that make their water taste bad. Depending on your specific needs, you might not just need a water softener or reverse osmosis system, but a water purification system as well. They help target additional minerals or impurities that make water unpleasant to drink or bathe in.

The team at Fogt Water Conditioning offers several water purification filtration systems, including filter housings in Shelby County, OH. These can be part of your reverse osmosis system, water softener or under-sink system. They’re primarily designed to hold filtration cartridges in place and direct the flow of water. If you’re not sure what kind of filtration system your household needs, call or stop by to find out more.

Here’s an overview of what filter housings are and how they can benefit you:

  • Filter holders: Filter housings are designed to hold filter cartridges and connect to your plumbing. They feed water through the housing cap so that only filtered water reaches you.
  • Use them anywhere: You can use filter housings anywhere you want to install a cartridge-based filtration system. They come in a variety of sizes, so you’ll need to decide which filter size you’re looking for. If you have questions, be sure to ask the team at Fogt Water Conditioning.
  • Works with your plumbing: When you select a filter housing, you should generally look for the same inlet/outlet size as the plumbing where you’ll be installing the filter.
  • Used for POE filtering: Point of entry (POE) filtration is usually used in households where you don’t want to invest in a whole-house filtration system. They can be installed under sinks and in other areas where water purification is a must.
  • Different filters available: The housing doesn’t do anything but control the flow of water through the filter. Depending on your water issues, you’ll need to pick a filter designed to tackle whichever water element you want to remove.
  • Lasts for years: Your filter housing in Shelby County, OH could last as long as 10 years (but you’ll definitely need to change the filter itself more often).
  • Handles high water flow: Filter housings are specifically designed to handle a high household water flow, so you won’t have to deal with low water pressure.
  • Can work with your water softener: Filters and filter housings can even work with your water softener to “pre-treat” the water, removing contaminants before the softener performs its magic.

Get filter housings in Shelby County, OH

Fogt Water Conditioning offers a range of water purification and filtration systems, including water softeners and reverse osmosis systems. Since 1959, we’ve been supplying, installing and maintaining water systems in the Shelby County area. No matter what water issues you’re dealing with, we’re sure to have the system and supplies you need to tackle the problem. If you’re not ready to fully invest, we offer system rentals, too. Call us today and find out why our customers have been loyal for over 60 years.

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