Some Unexpected Benefits of Adding a Water Softener to Your Home

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Most people who are researching the possibility of adding a water softener to their home understand the basic purpose of a water softener: to remove the buildup of minerals that can scum up your plumbing fixtures and exacerbate some common skin problems. However, there are plenty of other water softener benefits in Shelby County, OH that you might not immediately consider when deciding whether or not you will make the investment.

Here are just a few examples of some of these lesser-known benefits you should take into account:

  • Extend the life of plumbing fixtures: Your pipes, appliances and fixtures will all thank you for adding a water softener to your home. The limescale in hard water can hasten corrosion, resulting in much faster wear and tear to your pipes and plumbing fixtures. By softening the water, you reduce the chance for this corrosion, and also cut down on the amount of maintenance you have to perform on your plumbing systems just to ensure they’ll remain usable for a reasonable amount of time into the future.
  • Cut down your energy bills: Any appliances that use water will always run more efficiently with soft water than with hard water, so it behooves you to ensure you give those appliances softer water. For example, the water heater in your home will probably use about 25 percent less energy over the course of a year with soft water. Those savings will quickly add up over time.
  • Better for the environment: It stands to reason that less energy consumption for your appliances means a lower impact on the environment. Considering how important it is in today’s world to conserve energy wherever possible, this is a benefit that should not go understated.
  • Better for your fabrics: When you wash your clothes with hard water, it becomes more likely that they will become stiff and dulled. You can keep your fabrics bright and soft by ensuring your washing machine is supplied with soft water. This will also save you money over time in that your clothes will remain in better condition for longer, preventing you from having to shop for clothes as frequently.
  • Better for the entire sewer system: You aren’t responsible for the municipal sewer system in your area, but there’s no denying that a water softener will significantly reduce the impact you have on the sewer pipes around your home. A buildup of scale in the system will impact water pressure, which could potentially damage the system, so you can do your part to reduce that scale buildup and cut down on your sewer system impact.
  • Cut down on soap usage: You have to use significantly more soap to get a lather when you are dealing with hard water, so by adding a water softener to your home you can cut down on the amount of soap products you have to use.

For more information about these and other little-known water softener benefits in Shelby County, OH, contact the team at Fogt Water Conditioning today.

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