The Cost-Effectiveness of a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

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Does your regular tap water taste bad? Is your family avoiding the tap water in your home in favor of sugary drinks or even costly bottled water? You may be a prime candidate for a reverse osmosis system in Shelby County, OH.

What is reverse osmosis?

A lot of water systems contain damaging minerals like lead, arsenic, chromium, selenium, radium and barium, among others, that can occur naturally and taint your home’s water. Reverse osmosis strips the water of these toxins so your family can enjoy immensely improved drinking water.

If that process sounds a little too fancy for the average homeowner, think again. Reverse osmosis is not only less expensive than you’d think, but it can also save you a bundle in the long term.

The mineral loss isn’t a factor

The one factor that causes some people to balk at a reverse osmosis system is the loss of minerals that occurs in a lot of states’ drinking water. In addition to removing harmful contaminants like lead and copper, you’ll also lose out on more beneficial minerals like fluoride.

Fortunately, this loss can be overcome in a variety of different ways. You can purchase a remineralization system that will inject beneficial minerals into your drinking water once it’s been purified. Alternatively, you can supplement the lack of minerals with a daily multivitamin.

Stop wasting money on bottled water

Don’t you deserve the world’s best drinking water poured right from your tap? You and your family will stop having to spend so much on bottled water when the stuff flowing out of your tap is delicious and refreshing. Several families who have installed a reverse osmosis system in Shelby County, OH, even report drinking fewer sodas and sugary drinks in favor of imbibing crystal-clear water.

Save more than the alternative

Once your reverse osmosis system is installed, you’ll find yourself spending about $50 to $100 a year to replace the filters that keep your water pure. That’s it.

By comparison, bottled water, an add-on filter to a water faucet or a pitcher that promises to purify your water can be a constant drain on your income, adding up to much more than $100 a year. What’s more, you’ll find that water filters don’t provide nearly as much purifying power as a reverse osmosis system.

No more eating out

The impact of pure drinking water can’t be understated. Coffee and tea will taste better, so you can skip your daily trip to Starbucks. Meanwhile, your food will take on a whole new life of its own once the final product isn’t tainted by inferior water.

We’re the team to trust

Since 1959, Fogt Water Conditioning has proudly provided water solutions like reverse osmosis systems in Shelby County, OH to all our friends and neighbors. There’s a reason we’ve stuck around for over half a century. Our entire team of highly-trained personnel is committed to making sure that your drinking water is the best it can be.

If you have concerns about the quality of your drinking water, contact Fogt Water Conditioning today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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