What Does a Water Softener Do?

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When most people hear the term “hard water,” they likely don’t give it much thought. As a term, it doesn’t sound particularly threatening, especially when stacked up against the other expenses and potential issues involved in owning a home. Don’t underestimate the long-term damage that hard water can have on your home, however.

This invisible enemy can wreak untold havoc if it’s allowed to go unaddressed. In fact, you could be losing money and comfort by not using a water softener in Shelby County, OH.

Basics of hard water

Deep beneath the surface of the earth, before it’s fed into various reservoirs around the country, groundwater brushes up against several different types of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Even after the groundwater finds its way into a municipal water source, trace amounts of these “hard” minerals can remain.

Even in microscopic amounts, hard minerals can be terrible for everything from your plumbing pipes to your dishes. Water softeners use a mixture of chemicals to remove these hard minerals, leaving behind pure, healthy water.

Signs you need a water softener

If you’re experiencing one or more of the following problems in your home, you might want to think about employing a water softener in Shelby County, OH:

  • You may not be able to see hard water, but you can certainly feel it when you get out of the shower. If your skin feels uncharacteristically dry when you step out of the shower, or if you find yourself with excess blackheads, you could have hard water.
  • If your clothes come out of the dryer looking faded more quickly than usual, or if they end up scratchy, you may require a water softener.
  • Noticing a chalky buildup on your coffee maker or other appliances? This could be a sign that hard minerals are building up. What’s worse, if they’re building up on your appliances, they’re likely building up in your pipes, as well.
  • In fact, if you’re experiencing routine plumbing problems with your home’s pipes, that could be a sign that you’ve got hard water. Mineral buildup can clog your pipes, causing a variety of issues.
  • If you find that your water bill is on the rise, then it could be a signal to get a water softener.

Not to worry, though—all these issues are easily fixed in the hands of a talented pro.

Let Fogt Water Conditioning fix your water

For the past 60 years, Fogt Water Conditioning has proudly provided premier water softeners in Shelby County, OH. It’s our privilege to help all of our friends and neighbors increase their quality of life and save a little money.

Of course, the expertise of our family owned and operated business doesn’t stop at water softening. We’re happy to provide a litany of valuable services for residential and commercial clients alike. We sell a variety of water conditioning products, including water softening equipment, reverse osmosis systems, water filtration systems, Dura-Cube salt, salt delivery and so much more.

Call now or stop by our location and let one of our friendly, highly-skilled team members introduce you to the benefits of water conditioning. We can’t wait to see you!

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