Installing Water Purification Systems in Shelby County, OH Can Eliminate Dangerous Tap Water Contaminants

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You’ve probably seen advertisements for water purification systems in Shelby County, OH without really knowing how vital they really are to your health and the environment. Everyone wants to believe that the water coming from their faucets is safe to drink and use for bathing, washing clothes and dishes and watering plants. But just how safe is it to drink from the tap these days? Read on for the sake of the people, pets and plants in your home. Below is an overview of the most dangerous tap water contaminants that are known to have toxic effects.

The top contaminants to be aware of

You’re likely familiar with some of these water contaminants. Perhaps you’ve heard them talked about on the news. Here’s a closer look at the big ones:

  • Chlorine and chloramine: These are disinfectants added to water supplies to reduce the growth of microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. The problem is that they react with organic matter in the water, like decaying leaves, which creates harmful disinfection byproducts (DBPs). DBPs are 10,000 times more toxic than chlorine and linked to cancer, problems in early pregnancy and a range of long-term health effects. Chloramine actually lasts longer and performs better for water departments than chlorine. Chloramine will eventually be the go-to disinfectant, though it is harder to filter and stays in the water longer. Ultimately, it’s worse for people drinking the water.
  • Chromium-6: Chromium-6 is a carcinogenic chemical found in some water supplies that were tested by the EPA between 2013 and 2015. Unsafe levels of this contaminant are said to be the future cause of thousands of cancer cases by the end of the century, but only if left untreated.
  • Lead: Lead can get into a community’s water supply through aging infrastructure and old plumbing pipes. Lead poisoning is known to cause health problems such as blood disorders and damage to the kidneys, bones and brain. It is particularly harmful to young children both physically and mentally.
  • Fluoride: Of all the chemicals added to water supplies, fluoride is the most controversial, but it’s in there to prevent tooth decay. Ironically, thorough research links fluoride to dental and skeletal fluorosis, so for the first time in 50 years, the government decided to lower the recommended level of fluoride in drinking water.

Water purification systems and water contaminants

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about putting your family’s health at risk. Whether your local water supplier is a stickler about water purification or you own a private water well, it doesn’t hurt to consider installing a water purification system at. A quality system will work hard to ensure contaminants are filtered out of the water you drink and use for household needs. With a good water purification system in place, your system can reduce hard water stains, remove bad odors, protect your pipes and eliminate the need for water to be treated with harsh chemicals.

To learn more about water purification systems in Shelby County, OH, call the team at Fogt Water Conditioning today!

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