What’s the Difference Between Dura Cube Salt and Morton Salt?

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If you own a water softener, you need to know what products are best to use with your system. Since not all products are created equal, you want to ensure you get the best results by filling your tank with the right water softener salt in Shelby County, OH.

But aren’t all salt products pretty much the same? It’s all salt, right? Is there really a difference between Dura Cube Salt and Morton water softener salt? Let’s make a quick comparison to note any differences. Use this guide to determine which salt solution would be best for your setting.

Types of Salt

Water softener salt in Shelby County, OH comes in several forms. Cubes, such as Dura Cube Salt, are made from compacted salt granules. The small granules form a cube shape, which can make the salt less susceptible to bridging.

Salt is also commonly provided as pellets, such as Morton water softener salt. Pellets are also made from small salt granules, but are formed into a pellet shape instead of a cube. This also helps prevent bridging.

The third type of water softener salt found in Shelby County, OH is crystals. These are made by evaporating salt water. Manufacturers allow the wind and sun to evaporate the water in shallow ponds, which leaves behind the natural salt crystals.

In most cases, these three types of water softener salt products can be used interchangeably in a water softener system. However, some manufacturers recommend a specific type of salt based on the configuration of the system.

Dura Cube Salt

This brand of cube salt contains up to 99.8 percent pure salt. The manufacturer compacts the salt for hardness, which helps prevent bridging and mushing in your tank. The brand also offers a Red-Out product that contains a rust remover to prevent stains on household items that are exposed to water. The packaging has been designed for convenience and sustainability, with two handles, and is made of 50 percent recycled material. The product is NSF-certified and is recommended for most types of water softeners.

Morton Water Softener Salt

Morton offers a patented SystemSaver formula for water softener salt in Shelby County, OH. It comes in several varieties to suit different systems. The SystemSaver formula is recommended by many water softener manufacturers. These pellets help eliminate iron and are phosphate-free. They are effective at maintaining clean and smooth-running water softeners, preventing buildup. The product is also NSF certified and comes in convenient 40-pound packaging with handles.

Find Out More

Are you still unsure which product is best for your water softener? For more information and expert input, contact the team at Fogt Water Conditioning. With over 50 years of experience, we can recommend the best water softener salt in Shelby County, OH for your setting. Family-owned and operated, we take pride in our ability to meet your individual needs. We provide a variety of water conditioning products and services, including water softening equipment, reverse osmosis systems, water filtration systems, Dura-Cube salt and salt delivery and more! Call now or stop in to speak to a friendly member of our staff.

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