How Do You Choose a Reverse Osmosis System?

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Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are a great investment for your home or business, as they provide the cleanest water you can drink. On top of the water tasting great, you can feel secure that your water is free of contaminants or impurities.

If you’re looking for a reverse osmosis system in Shelby County, OH, do some research on the following factors to consider as you make your choice:

  • Water quality: Each RO system differs based on what you need for your location. Depending on the quality of the water running into your home or business, your system will require different types of filters. For example, most homes use both carbon and sediment water filters in their RO systems. The sediment filters remove larger particulates from the water, whereas the carbon filters will take away odors, chlorine and any negative organic compounds. However, if your water has problematic levels of iron or pH, you may require the use of an additional filter.
  • Soft or hard water: An additional type of water quality issue is hard water, which many people around the United States face on a daily basis. RO systems do not counteract hard water. In fact, they do not work as well in situations with hard water. Because of this, if you have hard water at your establishment, you’ll want to either install a water softener system with your RO system to make sure that both work well together. Using a water softener will protect the fragile filters in your RO system and help the system last longer.
  • Filter type: The size of filter you’ll need depends on how much water you go through on average. Some filters are the size of a water bottle, whereas others are as huge as a home or business. It would seem fairly obvious that a residential RO system is much smaller than a commercial one, but even once the size is sorted out, you’ll want to think through what type of filter you choose. Some are in small bags that are then placed in a filter housing, whereas others are inline filters that come with a filter housing. You can also decide whether you want to purchase empty cartridges that you can fill with your own blend of filters or ones that are prepackaged and set from purchase.

It should be clear that installing a reverse osmosis system in Shelby County, OH is a task that takes a great deal of careful consideration of the factors listed above. Because of this, it’s always worth it to consult a reliable and knowledgeable local business for tips and advice. Look no further than Fogt Water Conditioning, which has spent more than 50 years helping residents of Shelby County have access to better water.

Since 1959, Fogt Water Conditioning has offered excellent customer service by sharing our expertise on a range of services like RO systems, water softening systems and other filtration systems. Stop by today and learn more about our services—we look forward to helping you!

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