What the Sulfur in Your Water Means for Your Health

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Sulfur is an element found in a number of places throughout the natural world—it’s in the earth, in the air and in certain foods that humans eat.

Sulfur is also commonly found in water supplies, particularly in water supplies that are derived from wells or other non-municipal sources. While some sulfur is nutritionally beneficial, water supplies with high levels of sulfur pose a number of challenges for homeowners. Ultimately, sulfur in water may necessitate an investment in water purification in Shelby County, OH.

When sulfur is present in a home’s water supply, it will often give off an odor akin to that of rotten eggs. While this is clearly unpleasant, sulfur isn’t necessarily dangerous. In some instances, however, high levels of sulfur in your home’s water supply can indicate other problems that are worth looking into.

Sulfur is an important food source for many types of bacteria, most of which are benign. Some types of sulfur-feeding bacteria, however, do warrant some of concern. Here are just some of the things that may affect you if you have a high sulfur content in your water supply:

  • Odor: Sulfur is known for its bad odor. When you have sulfurous water, it can cause a serious stink any time that you open up your faucet. If you wash your clothing at home, it may eventually cause your laundry to also smell like rotten eggs.
  • Bacterial slime: The bacteria that feed on sulfur may, over time, form a thin gray or white slime that rings your faucets, sinks and showerheads. While this substance is ultimately harmless, it is also unpleasant and unseemly. Over time, the slime may actually contribute to the premature corrosion of your home’s piping.
  • Diarrhea: While some amount of dietary sulfur is necessary for human survival, in high quantities sulfur can have an undesired laxative effect that in some extreme cases may lead to dehydration and discomfort.

Removing sulfur from water

If you believe that your home’s water supply has a high sulfur content, there are a number of steps that you can take to remediate your home’s water and minimize the amount of sulfur in your abode:

  • Reverse osmosis: Perhaps the most effective type of water purification in Shelby County, OH, reverse osmosis uses a series of semi-permeable membranes to filter out all dissolved solids, including sulfur, from virtually any usable water supply. Reverse osmosis is the gold standard for home water treatment.
  • Chlorine: When chlorine is added to sulfur-rich water, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the sulfur to form yellow particulates. Once these particulates are formed, they can be filtered out through a mechanical process. This is a common means of sulfur reduction.

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