How to Determine if You Have Hard Water

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Hard water in your home can make showers unpleasant, result in long-lasting stains around your fixtures and leave unattractive odors and colors in your laundry. If your home has hard water, you can address the issue with relative ease by investing in a water softener system in Shelby County, OH. Over time, hard water can leave mineral deposits both inside and outside of your home’s piping system. These deposits aren’t just unsightly—in fact, they can actually cause your pipes to clog or prematurely corrode under certain circumstances. Thankfully, determining if you have hard water in your home is a relatively... View Article

What the Sulfur in Your Water Means for Your Health

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Sulfur is an element found in a number of places throughout the natural world—it’s in the earth, in the air and in certain foods that humans eat. Sulfur is also commonly found in water supplies, particularly in water supplies that are derived from wells or other non-municipal sources. While some sulfur is nutritionally beneficial, water supplies with high levels of sulfur pose a number of challenges for homeowners. Ultimately, sulfur in water may necessitate an investment in water purification in Shelby County, OH. When sulfur is present in a home’s water supply, it will often give off an odor akin... View Article