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So, your water softener in Shelby County, OH just stopped working—now what?

Anyone who owns a water softener system has been there at one point or another. It might be that you have been using an inferior softening salt that is mushing or channeling, or that your system is overdue for some maintenance or a cleaning, or that it just up and stopped working.

No matter what is wrong with your water softener in Shelby County, OH, there is a very good chance that the experts at Fogt Water Conditioning can fix the problem. Here’s an overview of how we can help.

Don’t hesitate

Maybe your water softener has been acting a little strangely for a couple weeks, or even longer. It often seems easier to wait and see if the problem will solve itself, but when it comes to water softeners, that is simply not the best strategy.

When your water softener stops working, it can throw your whole water system off, and that could cause serious problems for your industrial setup. This is why you need to call a certified, expert professional at the first sign that something might be amiss with your water softening system.

Servicing most makes and models

Fortunately for you, Fogt Water Conditioning services most makes and models of water softening systems. Some common needs we fulfill include testing water for contaminants, replacing a water tank or other component, checking whether you are using the right type of water softening salt and providing general tune-ups for your system.

Many water softening experts in the area specialize in a certain make or model of water softener. This is not the case for Fogt Water Conditioning. So whatever type of water softener you have, or whatever you think might be the issue, you can rest assured you’re in good hands when you call our team.

Friendly and helpful

Some water softening services can be gruff, not personable and only worried about their bottom line. This is not the case with Fogt Water Conditioning—in fact, we pride ourselves on being friendly, helpful and accommodating to all our valued clients.

Do you have questions you have always wanted to ask about water softeners, but didn’t ask for fear of being laughed at? Are you not sure how to describe your problem, but you know you have one? We consider it part of our job to help you understand your water softener, so don’t be afraid to ask away!

In addition to being helpful and answering your queries, we also work hard to complete all jobs in a timely manner, and charge you a reasonable price.

Call us today

The next time you need repairs or maintenance on your water softener in Shelby County, OH, we hope you will call Fogt Water Conditioning. We have nearly 60 years of experience, and we use our expertise to ensure you get fast, effective and affordable service. Please get in touch with any questions you may have—we look forward to talking with you!

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