What Are the Benefits of Using an Iron Filtration System?

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Iron isn’t just a material found above ground in our tallest skyscrapers—it’s also located under our feet in the groundwater, as minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium seep into our water supply. As you can imagine, that’s not an ideal situation, but it’s an inevitable part of life. Luckily, there are systems you can install that prevent minerals in groundwater from making it into your home.

One of the most important of these water filtration systems is an iron water filter in Shelby County, OH. Continue reading to learn why more and more homeowners are installing iron filters in their homes.

Eliminate odors

Does your water smell (or even taste) like rotten eggs? This odor is a common problem for folks who have well water, and is due to an excess of sulfur and manganese in the water. Though this water is safe to drink and bathe in, it’s certainly not as appealing as it could be! You may be used to it now, but it’s likely that your houseguests don’t feel the same way. Luckily for you, iron filters also remove the minerals that cause the rotten egg smell. Install an iron filter and you’ll have odor-free water in no time at all.

Live rust free

There’s nothing good about having a bathtub, sink or toilet with reddish brown rust stains. It makes your home look dirty and old, and can drive down your resale value when you eventually try to sell your house. The worst part, however, might be the fact that those rust stains will likely never come off, regardless of how hard you scrub or the cleaning materials you use. The only way to fix that terrible look is by replacing your fixture. If you’re sick of looking at those stains, first buy a new tub, sink or toilet, and then install an iron water filter. Your bathroom will look brand new, and you’ll never have to deal with those awful stains again.

Cleaner drinking water

As mentioned above, that iron in your drinking water is safe to drink, and we even need to include iron to have a well-rounded diet. That being said, we only need 8 milligrams of iron in our daily diet, and you can easily get that much by eating a piece of dark chocolate! So, all of that iron and the other minerals in our water are totally unnecessary, and might make your water taste a little “off.” You have two choices if you’d like to drink totally clean water: buy bottled water (which gets expensive after a while), or install an iron filter.

Whether you’re purchasing an iron water filter in Shelby County, OH to get rid of nasty rotten egg smells or to ensure your dishes are as clean as possible, be sure to call us to buy and install your unit. We sell all of the top brands of systems and expertly install them to ensure they work properly for years to come. Don’t go with just anyone—choose Fogt Water Conditioning for all of your water purification needs!

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