What Is Whole House Filter Housing?

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Like any homeowner, you want clean, safe water for your home—and like many homeowners, you probably aren’t sure which solution is best to achieve this. You’ve heard of whole house filtering, but wonder whether this is something in which you should invest. If you choose this option, you must also consider whole house filter housing. As the leading water purification company in Shelby County, OH, Fogt Water Conditioning offers in-depth knowledge of multiple clean water solutions. Following is an overview of whole house filter housing and how it can improve your filtration system.

What It Is

A whole house filter is exactly what its name implies. It connects to the main water valve of your property to treat all the water in your home. Before any water reaches your faucets, toilets, showers, laundry and kitchen, it goes through this filter. The system removes contaminants from your water line before they reach you, your family and your appliances.

The whole house filter housing assists with the installation and maintenance of your whole house water filter system. This accessory includes multiple parts that add convenience and longevity to your system.

What It Includes

When you choose a whole house filter housing from a water purification company in Shelby County, OH, it’s important to understand the many accessory options available. Filter housing parts include:

  • Cartridge couplers: These extend the length of your filter. They can double your system’s filtration capacity by combining two double open-end water filter cartridges. Cartridge couplers can be used with standard water filter sizes and large filter sizes.
  • Filter housing caps: This convenient accessory stops the flow of water at an end location. They are available in multiple sizes and finishes to suit various locations.
  • Filter housing sumps: A filter housing sump holds water at the bottom of a filter. These accessories are also referred to as canisters. Clear sumps should be replaced every five years, and opaque sumps should be replaced every 10 years.
  • Pressure relief buttons: This helpful part makes cartridge replacement easier. It is typically installed in the inlet of the housing cap to relieve pressure when the cartridge must be replaced.
  • O-rings: These parts are used to seal the water filter housing cap to the water filter housing sump. The o-ring prevents leaks between these two sections of your water filter system. You should lubricate o-rings with silicone grease for optimal performance.
  • Brackets: Various brackets are available to mount water filter housings. Both small and large units are mountable in diverse settings. Consult your water purification company in Shelby County, OH to determine the best mounting options for your water filter system.

For crystal-clear water, contact your local water purification company in Shelby County, OH for the best in whole house water filtration systems. Be sure to inquire about the many options for whole house water filter housing to create a complete system that is optimal for your home. Contact the experts at Fogt Water Conditioning to discuss the many options available. Reach out to our team today!

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