The Effects of Hardness and Iron When You Don’t Have a Water Softener in Shelby County, OH

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Homeowners often wonder whether they need a water softener in Shelby County, OH. They’ve heard it can be beneficial, but are doubtful about whether the appliance is necessary. The truth is, a household can function without one, but it will suffer in many ways. The list below includes some of the top hazards of welcoming hard water or iron-filled water into your home. To avoid these damaging effects, consider adding a water softener or iron water filter in Shelby County, OH.

Your Clothes Suffer

Do you prefer comfortable, fluffy clothes? Most of us do. It’s why fabric softener is so popular. When you wash your clothes in hard water, they will be stiffer. Additionally, they might not get as clean, since soap does not lather as well in hard water.

Your Fixtures Suffer

Iron and other chemicals present in your water start to build up around your faucets, shower heads and other fixtures. This crusty buildup not only looks unattractive, it can eat away at the finish of your fixtures. Over time, your beautiful faucet will look sad and worn.

Your Plumbing Suffers

Just like your fixtures, your plumbing does not fare well with hard or iron-filled water. The chemicals can cause deterioration in your plumbing. Depending on the type of materials used for your pipes, it may be hard to tell this damage is occurring until a pipe leaks or bursts, causing disastrous effects in your home.

Your Skin Suffers

It’s hard to get clean in hard water. It creates a film that can leave your skin feeling dry, sticky and itchy. It’s also harder to get a good lather from soap. Showers are a more pleasant experience when you have a water softener or iron water filter in Shelby County, OH. Your skin will feel cleaner and healthier.

Your Dishes Suffer

No one wants to serve food on dishes with spots or film. If you have hard water and don’t get a water softener in Shelby County, OH, this is exactly what you may be forced to do. Untreated hard water can create a film in your dishwasher and spots on your dishes. For a cleaner kitchen, consider adding a convenient water treatment system to your home.

Your Budget Suffers

Hard water doesn’t clean as well as soft water. It also causes damage to appliances and fixtures. This means you may spend more on water due to longer showers, increased dishwasher usage and more loads of laundry. You may also spend extra funds to replace fixtures, pipes and appliances more quickly than you would have to with soft water.

Why put your clothes, appliances, fixtures and family through all this preventable suffering? The solution is simple. Contact your local water purification experts to discuss water softeners and iron water filters in Shelby County, OH. The professionals at Fogt Water Conditioning offer in-depth expertise to help you determine which system is best for your setting. Reach out to our experts for an informative consultation. Schedule your appointment by calling today!

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