Advantages of Dura-Cube Water Softener Salt in Shelby County, OH

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When it comes to water softener salt in Shelby County, OH, consumers have a wide range of options. As you select a salt for your system, it’s important to note that all salt is not created equal. Some brands offer higher quality, while others may be harmful to your system. Homeowners should choose a salt that is optimal for their style of water softener and offers the best quality to keep their system running smoothly.

At Fogt Water Conditioning, we use Dura-Cube water softener salt. This brand offers several advantages for you as a consumer:

  • Reduces maintenance: Dura-Cube water softener salt is virtually 100 percent water soluble. This minimizes brine tank cleanout necessitated by insoluble material. Fewer cleanouts mean less time commitment, lower expenses and fewer maintenance headaches.
  • Offers versatility: Dura-Cube water softener salt in Shelby County, OH is recommended for all types of softeners. Due to its high quality, it can be used in any water conditioning unit. You never have to worry whether it is compatible with your system or will cause harm to your unit. Whatever brand or style you have, Dura-Cube will work well with it.
  • Prevents bridging: At times, water softener salt in Shelby County, OH can form a hard crust or salt bridge in the tank. When this happens, empty space forms between the water and the salt. As a result, the salt does not dissolve in the water and your system pumps hard water instead of soft. Dura-Cube water softener salt helps prevent this bridging effect.
  • Stops mushing: If a salt absorbs water higher than the water level, the large salt pieces break down into granules. The weight of the salt above them compresses these granules into a solid block. This hard chunk of salt becomes unbreakable and clogs your system. The only solution is to dig out all the salt and replace it with fresh salt. To avoid this mess, we recommend using Dura-Cube salt, which helps prevent mushing.
  • Avoids channeling: With poor quality salt, channeling may occur. This happens when water flow is not evenly distributed through the system. As a result, the salt is not fully utilized and it reduces the effectiveness of your unit. With high quality and high solubility, Dura-Cube helps avoid channeling.
  • Provides convenience: Dura-Cube is packaged for ease of consumer use. We know handling large bags of salt can be difficult. That’s why we like to use Dura-Cube, which comes in two-handle, 40 lb. bags. This makes lifting and carrying easier than ever.
  • Can be delivered: When you want convenient water softener salt delivery in Shelby County, OH, this is your top solution. Dura-Cube can be delivered to your door! Why struggle with large bags of salt in your grocery cart and car? Let our pros bring it right to your home.
  • Is environmentally friendly: Dura-Cube packaging is made with 50 percent recycled material. Every effort to choose greener options makes a difference. Why not choose a manufacturer that cares about their environmental footprint?
  • Is NSF-certified: The National Science Foundation supports research and education in all non-medical fields of science and engineering. This influential organization has added its stamp of approval to Dura-Cube, ensuring its premium quality.

To find out more about top-quality Dura-Cube water softener salt in Shelby County, OH, contact Fogt Water Conditioning today. We offer convenient water softener salt delivery in Shelby County, OH and are happy to answer any questions you have about this top-rated product.

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