When Should Your Repair and When Should You Replace Your Water Softener System in Shelby County, OH?

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The only surefire way to know whether you should repair or replace your broken water softener is, of course, to have a water softener system technician take a look at it. But there are several tips we believe can be useful as you try to make a decision about whether to replace or repair your broken or malfunctioning water softener. Here are the most important questions to ask yourself.

How old is the broken water softener?

The average water softener system in Shelby County, OH should last around 20 to 25 years, so if it’s already made it into that range, you’re probably better off replacing it, no matter what the problem is. Water softeners lose about 1 to 2 percent of their softening capacity every year, so by the end of its lifespan, it’s lost quite a bit of its efficiency. Again, at this point, you really are much better off replacing it, and as a fringe benefit you will notice that your water is much softer than it used to be.

How good (or bad) is the water quality in your city?

If the water quality in your city is significantly higher than average, a water softener can last a lot longer than average. The opposite is also true—if your water quality is much worse, then your water softener can live a much shorter life. Water softener system experts will likely know all there is to know about the quality of water in your city, so this is something that you should inquire about while they are looking at your water softener issue.

What is the price of the repair vs. the price of a new softener?

Of course, this is likely the ultimate factor in your choice. If the price of the part and the labor for the repairs is very cheap, it’s probably worth just repairing, even if your softener is a much older system. If you don’t spend now, it’ll be easy to just go ahead and replace it anyway somewhere down the line, if you so choose. If the repair is very expensive, and your water softening system is older—even if it’s not in that 20- to 25-year-old range, even if it’s just in the 12- to 15-year-old range—then replacing it is likely your best option.

What is a warranty worth to you?

For a number of reasons, it might be worth it to you to have a new part that you know you can trust, and that has a warranty. Certainly, this provides additional peace of mind. It especially makes sense if you’ve just bought your home, and you don’t really know the history of your water softener.

At Fogt Water Conditioning, we have the best brands and best warranties if you’re looking for a new water softener system in Shelby County, OH. Our team of skilled technicians is adept at both installing new water softening systems and repairing old ones. We’ve been in business since 1959, which means we’ve seen everything there is to see. Give us a call today if you need consulting on your water softener system, or if you’re having any problem at all with the conditioning of your water. We’d love to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.

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