What Are No Salt Water Softeners? Do They Really Work?

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If you’ve been looking into a water softener system in Shelby County, OH and trying to figure out what the best choice is for your household, the guide below should provide some more insight, specifically as it pertains to no salt water softeners.

About no salt water softeners

First, contrary to what you may have heard in the past, you should know that there are more differences between a salt-based (or traditional) water softener and a no salt water softener than the fact that one does not rely on salt.

With that out of the way, we want to make sure that our potential customers also understand that no salt water softeners are not true water softeners, and will not work properly in our geographic area here in Ohio due to our region’s especially hard water.

However, if you live elsewhere and have come across this blog, a no salt water softener could be the solution for you if the water in your area is not hard.

In addition, no salt water softeners are effective in providing improved water quality because they can take odors, sediment and chlorine out of the water, but as mentioned above, they do not function as true water softeners. A more appropriate name for this type of system would be “water conditioner” or “descaler.”

What should I use instead?

Given that no salt water softeners will not be effective in our part of Ohio, we recommend that customers choose traditional water softeners. A traditional water softener gets rid of minerals like magnesium and calcium that lead to hard water by ionic exchange, a process that replaces these minerals with sodium and potassium, which are considerably softer than magnesium and calcium.

What are the benefits of traditional water softeners?

Water softeners can help lengthen the life of your plumbing and any appliances that use water. Research shows that appliances like showerheads and water heaters that used hard water function less effectively in comparison to showerheads and water heaters that use water softeners.

If you make the decision to begin using a water softener, you’ll likely find that your use of soap for tasks like bathing, doing laundry or washing dishes will significantly decrease.

You can also expect to see less buildup on glass shower doors and other glass items and your clothes retaining their vibrant colors rather than becoming faded and worn out-looking, as they can tend to do when strong minerals like magnesium and calcium remain in your water.

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